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You will be taking a practice test of the ITIL Foundation Test.

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Please note that these questions may not be up-to-date as per the ITIL requirements.

1) A Service Package contains all of the following except:
2) Performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is an activity of:
3) The RACI model is at the core of ensuring the integration of Processes and Functions. What does RACI abbreviation stand for?
4) The main goal of _________ is/are to provide IT Service Management with strategies for future initiatives and investment management to ensure an effective portfolio of services are being delivered:
5) Your employer is looking to improve IT Services the company already delivers by adopting ITIL. Which document should be created first?
6) A Configuration Management Database:
7) The three fundamental Financial Management activities for IT Services are:
8) Which of the following is not a sub-process of Capacity Management?
9) Knowledge Management is usually displayed within the ____________ structure or model:
10) You are the owner of an internet services provider (ISP) company. You have just launched a new Service Package that includes: a) internet connection and email; b) SPAM filtering; and c) a guaranteed download speed. The contents of the service package are defined as:
11) In the process of performing Service Portfolio Management you realize there are several services that are redundant. What would be your decision outcome?
12) Which phase brings together all the other aspects of the Service Lifecycle together?
13) How do Problem Management and Incident Management differ?
14) Technical Management is comprised of the following staff:
15) TTB, GTB, and RTB are all categories of:
16) Who is responsible for providing oversight to performance and capacity monitoring activities?
17) The underlying concept behind Service Validation and Testing is:
18) You were on a conference call on Tuesday where your boss stated that you will be leading the development of a new Service. He mentioned that you will be adopting a Service oriented approach. What did your boss mean by that?
19) The type of metrics that are associated with performance and availability of infrastructure components is:
20) What would you refer to if you wanted to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Change Management process?
21) Which of the following changes is pre-approved and does not require an RFC?
22) What is the result of too few IT resources and capabilities?
23) Which of the following describes a Process?
24) How many phases are there in the Service Lifecycle:
25) Who is responsible for making sure that the process meets the needs of its purpose and that it produces the right outcomes?
26) Which ITIL Service Lifecycle phase provides guidance for the design and development of services?
27) Asking whether service levels are improving is a function of:
28) The basic services outcomes desired by customers are called:
29) Which of the following is the correct set of methods for Service Portfolio Management?
30) The two factors of creating Service Value are:
31) Service Level Management is a process of which phases of the ITIL Service Model?
32) You are ready to release a new service into production. Which of the following is not an appropriate option in accordance with the release and deployment process:
33) As a Service Level Manager, which of the following is not a challenge you would typically expect to be concerned with?
34) Raised, reason, return, risks, resources, responsible, and relationship are commonly referred to as:
35) What purpose does an IT Function serve?
36) An outsourcer is considered a/an:
37) A means of delivering value to Customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs or risks is the definition for which of the following?
38) What is the most important aspect of a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
39) Application sizing, modeling, and demand management are all considerations for:
40) Asking whether service levels are improving is a function of:


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