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You will be taking a practice test of the ITIL Foundation Test.

You will have a random sample of 40 questions and 60 minutes to complete it.

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Please note that these questions may not be up-to-date as per the ITIL requirements.

1) Which of the following definitions best describes the Call Centre service desk type?
2) The first step in the CSI Improvement Process is:
3) The Service Operation function that is primarily responsible for helping design, implement, and maintain applications is:
4) The four reasons to monitor and measure within Service Measurement and Reporting are Validate, Direct, Justify, and _____________:
5) The system that contains the entire set of repositories used to manage knowledge and information is called the:
6) A _________________ is any component that needs to be managed in order to provide an IT Service:
7) An Operations Bridge or Network Operations Centre, and Event Management are all processes managed by:
8) The two factors of creating Service Value are:
9) IT Operations Management is tasked with performing the day-to-day activities to keep the infrastructure operational. Where are the performance standards defined?
10) Who is responsible for making sure that the process meets the needs of its purpose and that it produces the right outcomes?
11) Your area of responsibility has just been expanded to manage the TANGO system; however, you have been denied access to the system. Which process is responsible for managing your access to TANGO?
12) The basic services outcomes desired by customers are called:
13) The categories of a Service Portfolio are:
14) Which of the following is a correct chain of activities of Event Management?
15) What is an agreement between internal groups designed to support the IT service provider’s service delivery?
16) How many phases are there in the Service Lifecycle?
17) Which of the following is not a category of the Service Portfolio?
18) A business value of Service Transition is:
19) Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are all terms associated with:
20) In the process of performing Service Portfolio Management you realize there are several services that are redundant. What would be your decision outcome?
21) Asking whether service levels are improving is a function of:
22) Which volume of ITIL provides guidance on achieving efficiency in the delivery and support of services?
23) The three fundamental Financial Management activities for IT Services are:
24) What would you refer to if you wanted to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Change Management process?
25) Who is responsible for ensuring the process fits the desired purpose?
26) Disaster Recovery Planning is another term for:
27) What is the result of too few IT resources and capabilities?
28) Your employer is looking to improve IT Services the company already delivers by adopting ITIL. Which document should be created first?
29) How do Problem Management and Incident Management differ?
30) Which of the following processes is not included in the Service Strategy lifecycle phase?
31) Which of the following describes a Process?
32) In which phase of the Service Lifecycle is there a focus on designing, developing, and implementing service management?
33) A benefit of Continual Service Improvement is a/an:
34) What are the four perspectives or attributes of IT Service 2. What are the four perspectives or attributes of IT Service Management (ITSM)?
35) What contains the physical store of software master copies:
36) Configuration Management activities include all of the following except:
37) Fit for use is related to ____________ and fit for purpose is related to_____________.
38) A Service Package contains all of the following except:
39) ITIL stands for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Which are the five volumes that comprise ITIL?
40) The main goal of _________ is/are to foster understanding of a customer’s requirements for Services and determine what is needed to satisfy the requirements:


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