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You will be taking a practice test of the ITIL Foundation Test.

You will have a random sample of 40 questions and 60 minutes to complete it.

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Please note that these questions may not be up-to-date as per the ITIL requirements.

1) Congratulations! You have landed a new job as manager of application development for a major insurance company. You need to get a new laptop for yourself. Where do you find the scope of service offerings within IT?
2) Categorization is the unemotional/statistical aspect of Incident Prioritization whereas ___________________ is the human element of Incident Prioritization.
3) A means of delivering value to Customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs or risks is the definition for which of the following?
4) The four reasons to monitor and measure within Service Measurement and Reporting are Validate, Direct, Justify, and _____________:
5) Satisfying requests from end users using standardized and repeatable processes is the goal of:
6) How many phases are there in the Service Lifecycle?
7) The Service Operation function that is primarily responsible for helping design, implement, and maintain applications is:
8) The system that contains the entire set of repositories used to manage knowledge and information is called the:
9) The two factors of creating Service Value are:
10) ITIL stands for the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. Which are the five volumes that comprise ITIL?
11) The RACI model is at the core of ensuring the integration of Processes and Functions. What does RACI abbreviation stand for?
12) A baseline is a:
13) The main goal of _________ is/are to provide IT Service Management with strategies for future initiatives and investment management to ensure an effective portfolio of services are being delivered:
14) A business value of Service Transition is:
15) Your area of responsibility has just been expanded to manage the TANGO system; however, you have been denied access to the system. Which process is responsible for managing your access to TANGO?
16) In general, the benefits of IT Service Management (ITSM) include ensuring the IT services are aligned with the needs of the organization, that there are integrated and centralized processes, and the quality of the service is continuously monitored and improved. Which of the follow is not generally a benefit of ITSM?
17) The underlying concept behind Service Validation and Testing is:
18) What purpose does an IT Function serve?
19) Which of the following is not a category of the Service Portfolio?
20) In the process of performing Service Portfolio Management you realize there are several services that are redundant. What would be your decision outcome?
21) A group of authorized changes is referred to as:
22) Which of the following is the correct set of methods for Service Portfolio Management?
23) As a Service Level Manager, which of the following is not a challenge you would typically expect to be concerned with?
24) Asking whether service levels are improving is a function of:
25) IT Operations Management is tasked with performing the day-to-day activities to keep the infrastructure operational. Where are the performance standards defined?
26) Disaster Recovery Planning is another term for:
27) Which ITIL Service Lifecycle phase provides guidance for the design and development of services?
28) Service Level Management is a process of which phases of the ITIL Service Model?
29) An outsourcer is considered a/an:
30) Application sizing, modeling, and demand management are all considerations for:
31) Which volume of ITIL provides guidance on achieving efficiency in the delivery and support of services?
32) Configuration Management activities include all of the following except:
33) Your employer is looking to improve IT Services the company already delivers by adopting ITIL. Which document should be created first?
34) A baseline of a configuration that has been formally agreed to and managed through the Change Management process is called:
35) What are the four phases of the Deming Cycle:
36) Raised, reason, return, risks, resources, responsible, and relationship are commonly referred to as:
37) Which of the following definitions best describes the Call Centre service desk type?
38) Confidentiality, integrity, and availability are all terms associated with:
39) The first step in the CSI Improvement Process is:
40) What is the relationship between the SCD and a CMS?


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