Before The Exam

Everyone taking the exam should properly prepare for it. Because the exam is very specific to the subject it is highly recommended to attend accredited foundation training. This point should be treated as a prerequisite however it is not required to take the exam. It is very enough to just pay for the exam and then receive confirmation on when the exam will start. This way one can save a lot of money (accredited training costs about 1-3k usd) but during the training everyone receives the full syllabus which is the best source of information and probably the best piece of material one can receive. Another strongly recommended things to considerate before the exam are:

  • If decided to attend accredited training, please remember to note what wil be the language of the training. The exam will be probably in english and the original syllabus language is english. That’s is why english language seems to be the best one to have during the training.
  • Another important think to consider before the exam is the added value of the exam. If you see the real value of the certification received you shouldn’t have any problems with going through the Syllabus and training. Otherewise the training will be boring and you will be upset that you spent money and don’t know the real reason why you did it.
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  • Remember to re-cap all the abbreviations you met or managed to write somewhere on a side. There are questions in which abbreviations are used and if you don’t know their meanings you are lost.
  • The exam last 60 minutes. Don’t book any meetings, journeys just after this time because you will be nervous if the exam start with a short delay.
  • Check some examples Questions to see how they are formulated. Sometimes people are surprised about the formula and the multiple answers. Remember: there’s only one good answer in each question

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